Monday, 26 January 2009

Let the games begin....................

Official Rules for the Knackered Old Camera Competition (KOCC)



i.     Cameras to be allocated by lottery (consisting of working cameras with non-obsolete film formats)

ii.     No swapping cameras after lottery is drawn (except in the case of camera failure)

iii.     Competition ends 4 weeks after camera issue

iv.     Prints can be B/W or colour. No digital manipulation.

v.     Prints must be no bigger than 10”x8” in size.

vi.     Contestants can submit one print each.

vii.     Students will vote on entries. Entries will be anonymous. Voting will be open for 1 week.

viii.     Voting to be proportional- students to vote on prints in order of best  to worst scored 1-5, therefore the lowest score wins.