Tuesday, 12 May 2009

KOCC 2 Entries & Winners

Sorry for the late posting I've been on leave an not been able to keep up to date with everything and so as a result we've got the entries and a winner all in one post.

The results are as follows:

A (David) 92 votes
B (Ferdi) 85 votes
C (Jon) 103 votes
D (Laura) 93 votes
E (George) 62 votes

A close call for second place and yes we had a recount just to be sure.

Making Entry 'C' the winner

Well done Jon

His winning pic of  ' Poles '

We Shall NOT!


Below are the other (worthy) entries and it would seem that we have all improved since our first outing. I'd also like to admit that all but one entry was outputted digitally. 

If there is anyone out there that actually reads this blog???? we'd love to hear from you so don't be shy get emailing!


  1. Zod reads this blog. Kneel before mighty Zod, or sow the seeds of your own destruction!!

  2. Hello this is Superman ......... 'go away before I bash you'


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