Tuesday, 20 April 2010

World's First working see-through Camera!

KOCC member Jon Legge has made a break through- a working pinhole transparent camera. Created by wrapping 'Safelight' sticky tape round a 35mm Rank Mamiya camera (a recent KOCC acquisition) as a former, cutting the sticky tape 'shell' off and fitting a pinhole. Because the red tape is designed for black and white darkroom use, the camera, while see-through, is safe for the B/W paper neg. Here are images of the camera, and a negative and positive image; the slight fogging is due to an ill fitting lid rather than any problem with the tape itself.


  1. That... is actually genius.

  2. Very nice camera looks great in red. We can find a way of fixing the back of the camera to reduce the fogging.

    Roll on the MKII

  3. What a great idea! It seems so obvious!

  4. Hey Jon, when my super fantastic polaroid camera arrives from ebay will you wrap that in plastic so we can do some tranny-pins ;0)


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